Casco is a global innovation leader in automotive electronics design and development. Casco’s power conversion and power management designs convert energy efficiently and safely. CASCO offers electromechanical solutions for multiple vehicle architectures, from conventional ICEs to high end EVs, offering power ranges from 150W to 7.2kW +, from 12V to 48V, and from 280V to 900V, Casco offers a wide range of power products.

Our electronics design is a balance of high efficiency between output power, thermal and EMC performance, and vehicle packaging. Thus, equally critical, Casco’s global application and systems engineering support enables our customers to offer the best-in-class vehicle integration to provide the optimum performance to the end customer.

  • DC/AC Inverters
  • DC/DC Converters
  • 48V Power Switches
  • E-fuses and power management
  • Custom Power Modules

Discover some of our electronics.

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